357 Magnum

The .357 Magnum was first developed in 1934 by Elmer Keith, Phillip B. Sharpe, and D. Wesson of Smith & Wesson and Winchester. Based on the S&W .38 Special, the .357 was intended to compare to Colt’s .38 Super Automatic. In the mid-1930s, the .38 Super Auto was the only American cartridge with the ability to penetrate vests and automobiles that were often used by gangsters. The .357 magnum was able to out perform most revolver cartridges on the market and quickly became the caliber of choice for law enforcement. The introduction of the ammo heralded the beginning of the “Magnum Era.”

The dual purpose cartridge is used most often for target shooting, hunting, and self-defense.

Editor’s Choice

After numerous requests, we set out to find the best online .357 magnum ammo store. While there are dozens of places to buy ammo online, not all offer the trifecta of product, service, and delivery times. With that in mind, we chose Ammo.com as our preferred vendor. The website is easy to use and separates ammunition by category: rifle, handgun, rimfire, shotgun, and popular ammunition brands. We’ve found the best .357 mag ammo prices combined with same day or next day shipping. Ammo.com differs from many sites because it offers much more than low prices on .357 ammunition. As a staunch defender of Second Amendment rights, Ammo.com adheres to its mission statement: “We believe that arming the people – both physically and philosophically – keeps government fearing the people, just as our Founding Fathers intended. We exist for American gun owners, the modern-day militiamen who not only understand the true meaning of the Second Amendment but exercise it on a daily basis.”

For every purchase made on the site, Ammo.com will donate 1% to the customer’s choice of pro-freedom organizations. In addition to the list of Freedom Fighters, the site has a forum for firearms enthusiasts and Second Amendment defenders. They have great deals on ammo of all types, not just .357 magnum.

Other Online Ammo Stores

  1. Ammo Man – This online company was founded in New Hampshire in 1998. Because it operates solely as an e-commerce company, customers are required to place orders online and cannot visit a retail or warehouse location. To get the best prices on rifle or handgun ammo, it is recommended to buy in bulk. Ammo Man receives high praise for good customer service and free shipping over $99. Due to restrictions, Ammo Man does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts or New York.
  2. Ammunition Depot – This family-owned company has a large offering of ammunition, cases, magazine, gear, and accessories. Like Ammo.com, Ammunition Depot supports Second Amendment rights and keeps prices low to afford its customers the best in ammo. Customers praise Ammunition Depot for excellent service.
  3. Bulk Ammo – Carries a wide variety of ammo including hard to find items. As the name suggests, this is one of the best places to buy bulk ammo online. Its online catalog is always up to date so you don’t have to worry about in stock items. Like Amazon.com, the site has a customer feedback section instead of standard testimonials.
  4. Cabela’s – Many customers stay away from Cabela’s when it comes to purchasing firearms, but are on board with their ammunition sales. Cabela’s offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more. The online store has a good selection of ammunition from such major brands as Winchester, Federal, and Remington.
  5. GunBuyer – This Florida-based company has a straightforward, easy to use site that makes buying ammo online simple and painless. In business since 2011, Gunbuyer has quickly risen through the ranks among customers due to competitive pricing and faster delivery than many of its competitors.
  6. Lucky Gunner – Live inventory tracking is one of the top features at Lucky Gunner. This Tennessee-based retailer offers some of the best ammo prices, especially on bulk orders. The shipping can be a bit slow, but its return customers don’t seem to mind. Lucky Gunner is also known for its tech, so you never have to worry about orders being lost when using Firefox or Chrome.
  7. Natchez Shooters Supplies – NSS has a large selection of ammo, firearm parts and accessories. The catalog is arranged by caliber or brand name to make the site easy to use. The only issue is that orders are never guaranteed so you should plan ahead for possible delays.
  8. Outdoor Limited –The North Carolina-based company is at the top when it comes to customer reviews. A family-owned company, Outdoor Limited isn’t one of the big dogs but its stock and customer service are stellar.
  9. RifleGear – Founded in 2007, RifleGear is one of the newer companies on the market. A regularly updated catalog features a live inventory count to prevent out of stock issues and their customer service is top notch. In addition to ammunition, RifleGear stocks items that might interest their customers including RifleGear exclusives, handguns, rifles, shotguns, accessories, and parts.


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