The Snubnose Files

Nobody knows who invented the snubnose revolver. That little data bit is lost in the foggy recesses of time. Some cowboy, sheriff, or bad-guy hit on the idea that if he sawed off the barrel of his revolver, it would come out of the holster a whole lot faster and maybe he’d get the first shot off. It would also be easier to conceal. So the snubnose revolver was born in a blacksmith shop whose name is forever lost. Some great ideas just happen like that, and there aren’t any archetypal stories to tell about them.

We can say that it was some time in the 19th Century, most likely in the American West, but most importantly, that wherever it started and whoever had the idea aren’t near as important as the fact that it’s still around, still doing it’s job, still trusted by more people for self defense than any other firearm design that’s ever been thought of.

That’s what this site is about: The snubnose revolver.

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